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o drive rickshaw in your leisure time and become a tuk tuk auto rickshaw driver to enjoy a ride on the hilly roads. The rickshaw driving stimulator game gives you a real driving experience at the dangerous roads. In rickshaw game, you have to give pick n drop service to the passengers of that area. Tuk tuk rickshaw is a traditional vehicle in the Asian countries. There are wild animals that are roaming around in such area, so save yourself and passengers form these wild animals while you drive them around.
Off Road Rickshaw Hill Adventure game gives you a chance to provide pick n drop service to the passengers. In this rickshaw driving game, there are multiple options and you have to choose your favorite color rickshaw for driving. In this passenger game, you have to pick up the passengers from one stop and drive them to their next stop. It is real fun to drive the tuk tuk rickshaw loaded with passengers. Be careful during a ride, because you have to pass through the wild animals like bear, wolves, dogs and deers. Drive safely among these wild animals and have a happy journey. The amazing rickshaw stimulator game gives you the chance to drive something else from regular bus, car, truck or taxi, bikes, etc 
Off Road Rickshaw Hill Adventure brings an amazing hilly environment and gameplay. The rickshaw driving game gives you a chance to prove your driving skills at the dangerous hill side roads. Avail the opportunity to ride a three wheeler auto rickshaw and help to the passengers by giving them a service from one rickshaw stop to another.

Features of Off Road Rickshaw Hill Adventure
-Different and beautiful hillside environment
-Modern rickshaws and impressive sound
-Stunning 3D graphics and smooth control
-Realistic and easy gameplay
-Adventurous and thrilling rickshaw driving fun


off road Rickshaw Hill Adventure - Dubai Games.apk 39 MB